Munich Re Foundation

Munich Re has been handling global risks since 1880. Today, it possesses expertise and know-how in all fields of competence connected with the subject of risk. Acting responsibly means sharing that knowledge. The Munich Re Foundation enables Munich Re to fulfill this responsibility. People are ultimately at the core of what the foundation’s work is all about. The foundation’s task is to minimise the risks to which they are exposed. It clarifies issues and provides support, also in developing countries.

Munich Re concerns itself with the great challenges facing the world today – population growth, globalisation, diminishing resources, environmental pollution, climate change.

The foundation’s benefactor derives its competence to address the key questions affecting the future of society and to accept social responsibility in solving the problems that lie ahead from its knowledge of the tasks and issues these challenges pose for societies and economies.

The benefactor’s primary interest is to play an active part in finding innovative solutions in the context of international population development and globalisation and their impact on the future of humanity in countries in different stages of development. The foundation’s role is to concentrate specifically on the interaction between population development and the medium of water as elixir of life, resource, and risk factor.

Against this backdrop, the areas in which the foundation can be actively involved are many and varied, encompassing education and training, science and research, disaster prevention, environmental protection, and public healthcare.


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