One Goal - Many Voices. Writing with 2030 in mind, representatives of civil society organizations, experts from science and research, business partners and individuals who are particularly committed to the issue are active in the fight against hunger. The exchange of ideas regarding the magazine's main focus is on the diversity of the participants.


Dr Niladri Sekhar Bagchi

Dr Niladri Sekhar Bagchi teaches economics at the University of Galgotias in India. His research areas include agricultural value chains for smallholder farmers, rural livelihoods and migration.

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Marie Nasemann

Marie Nasemann is a feminist, actress and fair fashion activist. As the most important ambassador for fair fashion in Germany, Marie has been introduced as the official voice of Conservation International in June 2022. The SPIEGEL bestselling author Marie Nasemann raises the awareness of an entire generation for green issues through her social media channels and her just newly launched fair fashion information platform fairknallt.

Picture: Robin Kater

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Initiative für Nachhaltige Agrarlieferketten (INA)

The Initiative für Nachhaltige Agrarlieferketten (INA) is an alliance of stakeholders from the private sector, civil society and politics and part of the Nachhaltige Lieferketten und Standards (Sustainable Supply Chains and Standards) program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Its goal is to achieve greater sustainability in global agricultural supply chains and to improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers. To achieve this, INA works independently of individual commodities, instead focusing on the development of sustainable regions in which a cross-commodity approach is applied.

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World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced nature conservation organizations in the world and active in more than 100 countries. Around the world, around five million are supporting the WWF.

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Louisa Nelle

Louisa Nelle supports the SEWOH Lab Food Security Project and the Strengthening Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture project at TMG, with a focus on building climate-resilient urban food systems through digitalization. Her research interests include critical political ecology, the water-food-energy security nexus, rural-urban linkages, and climate justice.

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Dr. Natasha Mwila

Dr. Natasha Mwila is a Senior Advisor in the GIZ Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector project in Zambia. Her focus is on sustainability and improved seed quality for soybean and groundnut value chains.

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Paul Newham

Paul Newnham is the Director of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Advocacy Hub, a secretariat catalysing, convening, and connecting NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to coordinate global campaigning and advocacy to achieve food systems transformation.

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Carsta Neuenroth

Carsta Neuenroth is gender adviser at Bread for the World. Her focus is on gender policy in the context of development cooperation and gender mainstreaming within the organization. Before that she worked as trainer and consultant for gender, agriculture and food security, project management and impact orientation with a German consultancy firm. Through her work she gained experience in many Latin American, African and Asian countries. As a development worker she lived in Guatemala for many years. She holds degrees in agriculture and development studies.

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M. Sahr Nouwah

M. Sahr Nouwah is a dedicated young Liberian with a servant-leadership skill and a hands-on and result-oriented gifts with a solid background in governance, community development, advocacy and empowerment. As a National Head of Projects for two Land rights projects supported by the European Union and the Germany Foreign Ministry for International development cooperation separately, Sahr uses a mix methodology including Multi-Actor Partnerships (MSPs) and social innovative approaches to effect change in the Land reform processes of Liberia using constructive dialogue and engagement.

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Elizabeth Nsimadala

Elizabeth Nsimadala is the Regional President of Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) and Board Member of Pan Africa Farmers Organisation (PAFO) she is also the current chairperson of Uganda Cooperative College Tororo governing council in Uganda and the Coordinator CARITAS Cooperative Governing Council in Uganda.

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Susanne Neubert

Susanne Neubert, Director of the Centre for Rural Development (SLE). Strategic development in education, training, research and consultancy. Securing and supervising SLE overseas projects. PhD in agricultural economics and ecology with a regional specialisation in Africa.

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