One Goal - Many Voices. Writing with 2030 in mind, representatives of civil society organizations, experts from science and research, business partners and individuals who are particularly committed to the issue are active in the fight against hunger. The exchange of ideas regarding the magazine's main focus is on the diversity of the participants.


Ruth Okowa

Ruth Okowa is Country Director in Kenya at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Previously, she was Regional Director for Africa at BRAC International for 4 years. Her expertise includes agriculture and food security, water, hygiene and sanitation, youth development, advocacy and emergency response and more.

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Angeline Ochieng

Angeline Ochieng is an environment and agriculture reporter at Nation Media Group and has worked in the newsroom for more than three years.

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Victor O. Raballa

Victor Raballa reports for Daily Nation in Kisumu Bureau. He previously worked for The People Daily newspaper before joining Nation Media Group in July 2017. Raballa writes on a wide range of issues, including business, politics, environment, governance and human rights. He holds a degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

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Dr Olayinka Idowu Kareem

Dr Olayinka Idowu Kareem is a food economist from Nigeria. His research areas include international trade, trade policy, regional integration and development.

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Dr Fatima Olanike Kareem

Dr. Fatima Olanike Kareem holds a PhD in economics. She works as a senior researcher at AKADEMIYA2063, Rwanda, in her research area of development economics.

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Anke Oppermann

Anke Oppermann is Director 'Decent work worldwide; food and nutrition security' at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Her previous development policy assignments inside and outside BMZ include international human rights, cooperation with Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS), policy planning and parliamentary work.

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Dr. Ousmane Badiane

Dr. Ousmane Badiane is the founder and Executive Chairperson of AKADEMIYA2063. He is distinguished Fellow of the African Association of Agricultural Economists, recipient of the Africa Food Prize in 2015 and member of the World Academy of Sciences. As the Director for Africa at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), he was instrumental in developing and guiding the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

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Oluwatosin Obafunsho

Obafunsho is research fellow at the Forestry Research Institute Nigeria (FRIN). Her main goal is to ensure improved livelihoods of rural dwellers by promoting gender-balanced, resource-providing, eco-friendly agricultural practices.

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Bolanle Olatunji

Olatunji is a Senior Research fellow with Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria. She works at the department of Forest Economics and Extension Services where she is actively involved with the dissemination of technologies to farmers, evaluations and public relations.

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Lucy Orumwense

Orumwese is a Research Fellow at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN). She specializes on climate change and as extension officer collaborates with various research institutions on improving extension delivery in South-west Nigeria.

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Titilope Olarewaju

Dr. Olarewaju is socio-economic researcher and extension officer with the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN). She currently heads the market and community outreach unit of extension services in her institute and is involved with engaging communities in climate action, gender mainstreaming, facilitating market access and improving farmers' livelihoods.

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Oluseyi Olutoyin Olugbire

Dr. Olugbire is a socio-economic researcher in the Department of Forest Economics and Extension Services, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN). She is the Head of Extension Services and Outreach Unit of the Institute and coordinates Forest Extension activities and community development programs for the Institute.

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Jan Orbie

Jan Orbie is Associate Professor in European Union (EU) External Relations at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University (Belgium). He is a member of the Centre for EU Studies (CEUS) and the Ghent Centre for Global Studies (GCGS) at the same university. He has published on the EU’s external trade, social, development, humanitarian aid and democracy promotion policies. Recently, he has published on the labour rights and fair trade dimension of EU external policies, on civil society involvement in EU trade agreements, on the impact of the covid-19 crisis on EU trade policy, and on EU development policy including from a post-development perspective.


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Ahmed Ogwell Ouma

Dr. Ahmed Ogwell Ouma is Deputy Director at the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC). Before that, he worked many years for the WHO. Africa CDC is a specialized technical institution of the African Union established to support public health initiatives of Member States and strengthen the capacity of their public health institutions to detect, prevent, control and respond quickly and effectively to disease threats. Africa CDC supports African Union Member States in providing coordinated and integrated solutions to the inadequacies in their public health infrastructure, human resource capacity, disease surveillance, laboratory diagnostics, and preparedness and response to health emergencies and disasters. Established in January 2016 by the 26th Ordinary Assembly of Heads of State and Government and officially launched in January 2017, Africa CDC is guided by the principles of leadership, credibility, ownership, delegated authority, timely dissemination of information, and transparency in carrying out its day-to-day activities. The institution serves as a platform for Member States to share and exchange knowledge and lessons from public health interventions. Its headquarter is located in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

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(c) Caritas San Miguel
Marvin Antonio Garcia Otero, stellvertretender Direktor der Caritas in der Diözese San Miguel, El Salvador

Marvin Antonio Garcia Otero

Marvin Antonio Garcia Otero himself grew up on a finca near San Miguel in eastern El Salvador. He still manages it today, but he also had the opportunity to study agronomy and to contribute and develop his knowledge in San Miguel as deputy director of Caritas. The Caritas team has 21 members (8 of which are women). We are part of the Diocese of San Miguel and work with a total of 1250 families in three communities. We particularly focus on the topic of “supporting the youth”. This includes a house for young migrants from other Latin American countries who are seeking refuge and can have their rights as migrants protected. Even internally displaced people who are fleeing violence find shelter with us. The violence mainly comes from gangs. We pursue an “integral approach” in order to protect both young people and adults alike from risks. The Diocese wants to boost these people’s resilience against these risks, which include not only violence, but also droughts.

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Boaz Ogola

Boaz Ogola is General Manager at Alliance Ginneries Ltd., Tanzania – a CmiA verified cotton company in Eastern Africa. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day business operations and represents the company in all government affairs as well as those relating to village communities. In addition, he coordinates, supervises, and manages the implementation of all CmiA projects – such as community projects or the bio-pesticide project.

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Portrait Jehiel Oliver

Jehiel Oliver

Jehiel Oliver is responsible for the overall management and strategy of Hello Tractor, an agricultural technology company that connects tractor owners and farmers through a farm equipment sharing application. He has been honored with numerous awards for his work in social entrepreneurship including being recognized by Foreign Policy Magazine as a Top 100 Global Thinker for 2016. He was appointed under the Obama Administration as a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa, where he chaired the technology subcommittee. Prior to Hello Tractor, Oliver worked in consulting and investment banking. He studied economics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Florida A&M University and Cornell University, respectively.

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(c) Dennis Williamson

Joseph Opoku Gakpo

Joseph Opoku Gakpo is the 2018 International Federation of Agricultural Journalists’ best reporter in video reporting. He is an online and broadcast journalist with the Multimedia Group Limited in Ghana, reporting on environment, agriculture and rural development.

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