Marwa Shumo

Marwa Shumo is an environment biotechnologist who obtained her undergraduate training at the University of Nizwa, Oman. She holds a master degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Cologne and an International Doctorate in Development Research from Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research (BIGS-DR) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Bonn. A former postgraduate researcher fellow of icipe, Marwa is an expert on black soldier flies and their applications in livestock feed production and future food security.

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Edible bugs - the new beef?

Edible bugs - the new beef?

A contribution by Marwa Shumo

Insect farming is economical and environmentally sustainable, they are high in protein and they live on agricultural waste. Marwa Abdel Hamid Shumo thinks: They are the best weapon to combat hunger

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