Adesoji Adelaja

Adesoji Adelaja is the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy at Michigan State University (MSU). His research span the areas of Agricultural Development, Land Policy, Regional Development, Food Policy and Renewable Energy Policy.  His most recent work has focused on the nexus between unrest (e.g., terrorism and conflict), agriculture and food security, as well as on Post-Crisis Redevelopment Strategy. Adelaja’s academic leadership experience ranges from positions as Executive Dean, College Dean, Experiment Station Director and Department Chair at Rutgers University. He also founded and directed several research centers and institutes, including the Food Policy Institute (Rutgers) and the Land Policy Institute (MSU). On leave from MSU, Adelaja recently spent five years as Special Adviser on Economic Intelligence at the Nigerian Presidency.  There, he created and led the Presidential Initiative for the Northeast (PINE), which developed the Emergency Assistance, Economic Stabilization, Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Long-Term Economic Development plans for Northeast Nigeria, the region ravaged by Boko Haram insurgents. Special recognitions include Penn State University’s Outstanding Alumnus Award, West Virginia University’s Distinguished Alumnus Award, Rutgers University’s Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service, MSU’s Distinguished Faculty Award, and tributes from both the governors of New Jersey and Michigan for contributions to state economic development policies. Adelaja is a fellow of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review  and has been active on corporate boards in the food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, investment banking and information technology sectors.

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Africa's rapid economic transformation

Africa's rapid economic transformation

A report by T. S. Jayne, A. Adelaja and R. Mkandawire

Thirty years ago, Africa was synonymous with war, famine and poverty. That narrative is clearly outdated. African living standards are rising remarkably fast. Our authors are convinced that improving education and entrepreneurship will ensure irreversible progress in the region even as it confronts COVID-19.

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