Dr. Christine Chemnitz

Dr. Christine Chemnitz has been co-director of the Berlin-based think tank Agora Agrar since May 2022. Previously, she headed the international agricultural and food policy unit of the Heinrich Böll Foundation for 16 years. During this time, she advised 30 of the foundation's international offices on agricultural and food policy issues, among other things, and closely followed international processes in the areas of climate and food policy. Her main topics are aspects of global food security, developments on international agricultural markets, the development of livestock farming as well as the consumption of animal products. Dr. Christine Chemnitz studied agricultural sciences in Göttingen and Berlin and received her PhD in agricultural economics from Humboldt University Berlin in 2011.


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How food and agriculture can help reach climate and sustainability goals

How food and agriculture can help reach climate and sustainability goals

Agriculture and food systems can make an important contribution towards European and global climate and sustainability goals. The necessary measures will need to be designed carefully to maximise synergies between emissions reductions, biodiversity protection and food security. These involve substantial changes for agriculture and food production in the EU, which – depending on how they are designed – could bring about synergies but also conflicts with the goal of global food security.

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