Dr. Rana Samara

Dr. Rana Samara is an Associate Professor and Researcher in the field of Entomology and Biological Control. She is working at Palestine Technical University since 2009. She is responsible for the development and implementation of biological control technologies for management of insect pests and diseases, supporting crop management practices for greenhouses and horticultural production. She leads a divers research projects on Integrated Pest Management and Biological Control. Her extension strategies focusing on Training of Trainers (TOT) and Farmer Field Schools (FFS), which are the core activities of a successful IPM training and extension program. They are an effective way to help bring extension workers up to date on newly developed IPM and crop protection techniques. The knowledge gained will enable them to develop effective and sustainable control tactics and to manage insect and disease in their area. She published reports and scientific manuscript in peer reviewed journals, and reviewing other scientific publications. Presented research results at international workshops and conferences and conveyed to the industry stakeholders through regional workshops and meetings. She is a member of several public community and local scientific committees.

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The Insect Whisperer

The Insect Whisperer

A Contribution by Jan Rübel and Zain Jafar

Agriculture is coming under pressure worldwide: bacteria, viruses and insects are causing problems for crops. In Palestine, Dr. Rana Samara from the Palestinian Academy of Science and Technology is researching solutions to the problem. And she finds them in nature itself.

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