Fernanda Machiaveli

Fernanda Machiaveli is Vice-Minister at the Ministry of Rural Development and Family Farming of Brazil. In the Government Transition Cabinet, she was part of the Special Advisory team for Technical Groups, the coordination of the WG Center of Government and the advisory of the Council for Social Participation. She is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of São Paulo (USP). Previously, she graduated in Social Sciences and has a master’s degree in Political Science, both from USP.


Since 2012, she is a career Specialist in Public Policy and Governmental Management of the federal government. During the administration of President Dilma Rousseff, she was Chief of Staff of the Executive Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. She also acted as Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Rural Development from 2015 until the Ministry was abolished in 2016. During this period, she worked in the formulation and coordination of policies in response to demands from civil society, such as the National Policy for Social Participation, the National Policy for Agroecology and Organic Production, the agri-industrialization program for agrarian reform settlements (Terra Forte), the Strengthening Program of the Agroecology and Organic Production Networks (Ecoforte), the Youth Alive and Partnership for Open Government programs.


From 2019-2022, she was General Coordinator of Governmental Transformation of the Directorate of Innovation of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) where she coordinated more than 60 strategic management projects, service design and development of innovative solutions to public challenges, combining analytical-predictive methods with design thinking and policy design. Among them, the “Cidades que Transformam” program stands out, supporting municipal challenges related to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Previously, she was a consultant for UNESCO in a project related to the Law on Access to Information in Brazil. She also worked as a political analyst for consultancy “Tendências”, institutional relations advisor for the Presidency of SABESP and advocacy coordinator for the Criminal Justice Network. She was a professor of public policies at the University Center of the Federal District (UDF), at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in Brasília, at the São Paulo Law School and at ENAP's “Lidera.gov” program.

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“We want to overcome hunger and poverty”

“We want to overcome hunger and poverty”

An interview with Fernanda Machiaveli

After four years of the Bolsonaro administration, the new Brazilian government is trying to restart its engagement in agroecology, fighting deforestation in the Amazon and protecting indigenous communities and poor families from hunger. An interview with the Vice-minister for Rural Development and Family Farming, Fernanda Machiaveli.

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