Gisbert Dreyer

Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer

Gisbert Dreyer, a graduate architect, is the managing partner of G.Dreyer Planungsgesellschaft mbH. Since 1998 he has been engaged with African development, resulting in the foundation of the Dreyer Stiftung in 2000. Since 2011 Dreyer is an honorary consul for the Free States of Bavaria and Saxonia in Burkina Faso. In 2015 he received the Federal Cross of Merit for his service to sustainable development cooperation. 


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New Jobs for the poorest

New Jobs for the poorest

By Gisbert Dreyer

From the subsistence economy to a sustainable and competitive agricultural system – the path to 100 million jobs for Africa’s poorest people.

The Life of Their Dreams - What Children Want

The Life of Their Dreams - What Children Want

Interview with Gnininkaboka Dabiré and Innocent Somé

Later on you want to become a farmer yourself, or would you prefer to take up another profession? Two young people from Burkina-Faso talked to representatives of the Dreyer Foundation about their parents' farms, the profession of farmer and their own plans for the future.

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