Since 1975, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) provides research-based policy solutions to sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition in developing countries. The CGIAR research center currently has more than 600 employees working in over 50 countries. IFPRIs five strategic research areas are: Fostering Climate-Resilient and Sustainable Food Supply, Promoting Healthy Diets and Nutrition for All, Building Inclusive and Efficient Markets, Trade Systems, and Food Industry, Transforming Agricultural and Rural Economies, and Strengthening Institutions and Governance. Learn more on ifpri.org.

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COVID-19 and Rising Food Prices: What’s Really Happening?

COVID-19 and Rising Food Prices: What’s Really Happening?

A Contribution by IFPRI

Taking a look at the data (as of February 11th 2022) what the current price hike means for world hunger and what can be done to prevent from another food crisis.

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