James Wanzala

James Wanzala has studied at the Multimedia University Kenya and has been working for nine years as reporter for the Standard group PLC. He is mainly covering stories related to business ventures that are environment-friendly and have successful business models. These stories have brought Mr Wanzala to different parts of the world, including Russia, the Netherlands and Germany.

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Sang'alo Institute invests in farming of sunflower crop

Sang'alo Institute invests in farming of sunflower crop

A contribution by James Wanzala

Kenya is a large importer of vetable oils mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia - amongst them sunflower oil. Due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, there were supply bottlenecks and food shortages, leading to less affordable vegetable oils in Kenya. As a response to the lack of supply, the Sanga'alo Institute of Science and Technology, took that impulse, teamed up with the GIZ and established regional cultivation and refinement of sunflowers.

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