Kah Walla

Kah Walla is an activist, entrepreneur and political leader from Cameroon. She symbolizes the new generation of African political leadership which firmly believes in the continent's ability to achieve global standards of development and demands that this be done in respect of principles of good governance, equity and democracy. The founder and CEO of international consulting firm STRATEGIES! was recognized in 2008 by the World Bank as one of seven women entrepreneurs working to improve the business environment in Africa. Apart from being the President of the Cameroon Gender and Development Network, Kah Walla founded Cameroon Ô’Bosso, a citizenship movement to help the grassroots organize to defend its interests and have a voice in defining and implementing policies at the national level.

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What Needs to Change for Africa’s Youth, Ms Kah Walla?

What Needs to Change for Africa’s Youth, Ms Kah Walla?

An Interview with Kah Walla

A conversation with the activist and entrepreneur Kah Walla about what needs to change for young people in rural Africa.

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