Kindernothilfe (German for "Supporting children in need") was founded in Germany in 1959 as a Christian organisation to support vulnerable and marginalized children and youth to develop their full potentials. Today Kindernothilfe is one of the largest Christian children's rights organisations in Europe. We partner with local non-governmental organisations to implement more than 600 projects in 32 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. Kindernothilfe believes that children have a right to have their voices and concerns heard and  to be protected. They have a right to food, quality education and to grow up in a healthy environment. Kindernothilfe seeks to improve living conditions in a sustainable manner. In collaboration with our partner organisations, Kindernothilfe pursues advocacy strategies to campaign for the interests of children and youth in developing countries. Through our advocacy work in Germany with politicians and high-profile campaigns, we influence political concepts and legislation as well as the scope of financial resources for development policy projects. Our work is anchored in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Empowering children to lead independent, self-fulfilled lives is what Kindernothilfe is about.


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How the self-help approach empowers smallholder women

How the self-help approach empowers smallholder women

A report by INEF and Kindernothilfe

Supporting groups of smallholding women substantially contributes to strengthen rural operations economically. The organisation and associated group activities can help to reduce extreme poverty and improve the food situation.

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