Lutz Goedde

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Lutz Goedde is a Senior Partner and Global Leader in Agriculture and Food Practice at McKinsey & Company. He also leads the McKinsey Centre for Agricultural Transformation. Prior to that, he helped build the rural and agricultural development programme for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In his function as adviser to governments, NGOs and major corporations, he has gained global experience in animal husbandry, agriculture, fertilisers and high-yielding cereals. He also advises institutional investors in the food, agriculture and forestry sectors.

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‘Farmers are also entrepreneurs’

‘Farmers are also entrepreneurs’

Interview with Sara Boettiger and Lutz Goedde

How can agriculture produce more income in poor countries? To answer this question and provide advice to governments, companies and farmers' associations, McKinsey has set up a Centre for Agricultural Transformation with over two hundred agricultural experts worldwide