Moritz Reigl

Moritz Reigl finished his post-graduate studies at the Centre for Rural Development (SLE), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in December 2020 and is now working as a freelance consultant. His research and academic education are driven by interdisciplinarity and complex system-thinking. The main thematic topics he has worked on are agricultural innovation systems and local food systems, which were investigated on with the help of mixed methods research, including representative household surveys, geographic spatial analysis and key informant interviews. He is experienced to digitally apply participatory approaches to make research integrative, site-specific and survivable in times of a pandemic.

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The state of food security in Cape Town and St. Helena Bay

The state of food security in Cape Town and St. Helena Bay

A study by Markus Hanisch, Agustina Malvido, Johanna Hansmann, Alexander Mewes, Moritz Reigl, Nicole Paganini (SLE)

Post-Covid-19 lockdown: How food governance processes could include marginalised communities - an extract of the results of an SLE study applying digital and participatory methods.

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