Nadine Babatounde

Nadine Babatounde, a trained agricultural engineer, has been involved in the fight against malnutrition for several years by implementing several projects to improve the nutrition of vulnerable target groups such as women and children. She started at CEBEDES as animator of the nutrition programme and quickly put her leadership skills to use as team leader, and later as JARDALIM project manager. She currently holds the latter position within the NGO.


The approach developed within the JARDALIM project enables the integration of mainly women from poorer households and young girls from the different intervention communities in order to improve their nutritional status and to enable them to become financially independent by selling garden products. The experiences of the project are summarised in technical sheets and manuals, which are used at the end of the project to train other NGOs and to extend the beneficiaries to other communities.

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Success story allotment garden: Food supply and women's empowerment

Success story allotment garden: Food supply and women's empowerment

A contribution by Nadine Babatounde and Anne Floquet (MISEREOR)

To prevent malnutrition among young children and strengthen the role of women in their communities, Misereor, together with the local non-governmental organisation CEBEDES, is implementing a programme on integrated home gardens in Benin - a series of pictures.

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