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The Fund for the Promotion of Innovation in Agriculture (i4Ag) promotes innovations in agricultural and food systems worldwide.

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Overview of i4Ag’s individual measures (EZM) and emergency aid measures (as of 12/2023)

We identify and promote innovations in the agricultural and food sector with a new funding concept as part of the Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems special initiative. Emergency measures to counter the effects of the acute global food system crises complement this.

Our aim is to further develop technological innovations (such as digitalisation, renewable energy, research and extension, mechanisation) as well as partners and processes (agricultural research, extension, policy, trade, and cooperation with the private sector and international organisations). We do this through partnerships, with the goal of bringing them into use in selected countries.

Prospective innovations were identified through targeted networking and competition formats, and potential innovation partners were given individualised advice on project development during the application process. Developed in partnership with i4Ag, these business models and gender strategies are intended to make the innovations self-sustaining and promote gender equality.

Smallholder farms, their associations as well as processing and production companies in the agricultural and food sector, should thus be able to use and disseminate the innovations. Women and young people are an important target group. They play an important role not only as users of innovations, but also as developers.

Between 2021 and 2023, we received over 400 suggestions for prospective innovations via the i4Ag mailbox. Of these, 139 innovation applications underwent a detailed examination; in total, 25 projects were developed. Here's an overview of our projects and partnerships:

i4Ag’s Goals

i4Ag’s gender-sensitive agri-food innovations aim to contribute to employment and income opportunities, improve food security, provide climate change adaptation for smallholders and the protection of natural resources such as soil, water, and biodiversity.

i4Ag’s Presence

i4Ag is currently working in 50+ countries worl  dwide.

Selected examples of Innovations i4Ag is promoting:

  • Digital advisory tools for climate adaptation for smallholders
  • Satellite-based soil carbon monitoring
  • Machinery rings as a self-help Concept
  • Drone-image analysis for the prevention and management of Diseases
  • Digital traceability solution for the cocoa supply chain
  • Potato zero tillage under rice straw cultivation
  • Improved water cycle systems for sustainable fisheries production in aquaculture

Areas of work

Currently 40 innovations are being implemented in the areas of mechanization, digitalization, renewable energies, agricultural research and consulting, and cooperation with the private sector and international organisations.


We cooperate with over 400 partners which include research institutes, governments, private companies and NGOs

Resource-efficient and climate-adapted practices that make more efficient use of harvest cycles and increase yields, e.g., by growing potatoes on rice field residues.

Satellite and drone imagery that uses artificial intelligence to enable soil analyses on quality and carbon content.

Mobile apps that make modern technologies accessible to smallholder farmers, e.g., intelligent harvest forecasts or cold chain systems.

Participatory, applied research on agroecological pest management, e.g., with beneficial insects or fungi.

Networks for the rental and use of agricultural equipment and the development of training platforms.

Closed calls for proposals


Why was the open application phase of i4Ag closed?

After receiving numerous applications, we have developed an extensive portfolio of exciting projects that promote innovation in the agricultural and food systems worldwide. The focus now is on the implementation and further development of this portfolio. No further project applications will be accepted.

Will the open application phase of i4Ag be opened again?

Currently, there are no plans to reopen the application phase.

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