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Our fund supports innovative projects addressing a broad range of challenges in the agricultural and food sectors worldwide. Here, you can learn more about current calls for proposals and read success stories.

We identify and promote innovations in the agricultural and food sector with a new funding concept as part of the Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems special initiative. Emergency measures to counter the effects of the acute global food system crises complement this.

Our aim is to further develop technological innovations (such as digitalisation, renewable energy, research and extension, mechanisation) as well as partners and processes (agricultural research, extension, policy, trade, and cooperation with the private sector and international organisations). We do this through partnerships, with the goal of bringing them into use in selected countries. Smallholder farms, their associations as well as processing and production companies in the agricultural and food sector, should thus be able to use and disseminate the innovations. Women and young people are an important target group. They play an important role not only as users of innovations, but also as developers.

Success Stories and Project Examples

Closed calls for proposals


We are thrilled to see so much movement in the agri-food sector around the globe and are grateful to have already received over 500 submissions. i4Ag will now go to scale with around 100 partners in over 40 countries. We’re excited to have as strong an impact as possible.



An overview of our open application phase sharing all the facts and figures is in the works.


I haven't received a response yet. What now?

If it has been more than four weeks and you have not received a message beyond the automatically generated response, your project has unfortunately not moved to the funding stage with i4Ag.
Our tip: Have a look at current calls for proposals. If the funding criteria and framework conditions fit your project, you can submit your innovation there.

Can I apply to current calls for proposals in addition to i4Ag?

You can also submit your innovation to the current calls for proposals if you are not yet in cooperation with i4Ag.

Why was the open application phase of i4Ag closed?

We want to ensure high-quality support for our cooperation partners but unfortunately, our resources are limited. To continue meeting our quality standards, we are unable to accept further projects at the moment.

When will I know who has been funded?

We are currently evaluating the application phase in order to publish an overview of proposals received.

Our tip: Take a look at our project factsheets and find out which innovation collaborations have been created so far.

Will the open application phase of i4Ag be opened again?

There are currently no plans to reopen the fund. We adapt and develop our fund orientation according to demand, so changes may occur. We recommend regularly checking our website to learn about our current calls for proposals.

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