How can agricultural and food systems be transformed in a sustainable way?

A big question, an ambitious goal. And yet, transformation can succeed. This website brings different actors together who are working towards this goal.

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Discover our new Agri-Food Map

The Agri-Food Map is an interactive online app around the transformation of agri-food systems. Through informative texts, meaningful graphics and informative videos, it provides an insight into a sustainable redesign of the agricultural and food sector - for fair incomes, healthy nutrition and an intact environment.

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Innovations for a transformation

A fund promotes innovations in the agri-food sector. Learn more about funding opportunities and success stories.

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It's already half-time – SDGs of Agenda 2030

In 2023 the world is at halftime in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On current trends, one thing becomes clear: We’re at halftime but nowhere near halfway. In the face of global crises and geopolitical conflicts, the path to sustainability has recently even been backward. Still, there are seven years left to turn the tide. Time to ask ourselves: so far, what has been achieved and what needs to happen to ensure that the SDGs can be kept?

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The battle against hunger can only be won if civil society, science, business, and politics are willing to augment their expertise and learn mutually from experience. There are different approaches and ideas on how to achieve the aim of 2030 Agenda to end hunger – we report on these.

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